Born and raised in Amherst, New Hampshire, I now work in Boston and live right outside the city with my wife and baby girl.  I got started in radio in the late 90’s and quickly fell in love with radio imaging and the voice over process that went with it.  I can remember at an early age spending hours with the family answering machine trying to record a great “We’re not home” message.  I found this all way more fascinating than the people who actually called and heard it.  I still image for a Boston radio station and love it, however there’s no bigger thrill than hearing your voice on radio and television stations all over the country.

Why you will enjoy working with me is because I love the challenge that comes with taking your words and messages to the world. Whether its a long, detailed narrative, or a slogan that needs to capture everything in 3 words, nothing motivates me more than a client who says, “Yes!  That’s it!”  Radio stations love the fast turnaround service and the connections I make with listeners. Television networks prefer my ability to nuance the difference between dramatic and real, comedy and sarcasm. Trained by the leading voice coaches in the world (Tobias, Lyerly, Wolfson, Kirban, Hotchner), I can grasp the delivery you hear in your head, and how you want to be perceived through the art of voice over. Reach out for free consultation, demos, or questions anytime.  Thanks for stopping by!